Independent Governance Services

Governance Ireland is an independent consultancy firm specialising in Corporate Governance. Our services include high-quality Advice, Assessment and Review, Facilitation, Training and Support for Boards and Directors. Our team, all serving Directors, has the professional expertise and practical experience to support, assist and guide organisations towards better governance structures and best practice.


There are various Evaluation Approaches, and each Board should apply a Process that best meets its needs.


Governance Ireland has developed a number of Industry Specific Board Evaluation Services for all industry sectors.


Our Workshops are facilitated by our Consultants with Board Members and key Management Personnel to developing Strategic Plans.

Governance Training

Our knowledge; is based on our team’s collective decades of expertise in Corporate Governance across a range of industry sectors. Our clients include Government Agencies, Charities, Voluntary Bodies, Financial Services Organisations and Private Sector Companies. We provide training tailored for your Board, in Finance for Non-Financial Directors and Managers and deliver the courses at a time and at a venue that suits you. Please contact us with any enquiries.

Is your board functioning and performing effectively?

Companies and nonprofit entities are challenged to meet various corporate governance requirements ranging from those mandated by regulators to those expected by stakeholders. Governance functions can sometimes be fragmented across company departments, with little or no oversight or coordination. How good is your Governance? Are you following the rules, regulations and best practice for how your organisation should operate? These are some of the questions we get your board members to answer. Contact our team today to arrange your Governance Consultation.

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