Strategic Planning

Process Outline: A series of half-day workshops facilitated by Governance Ireland consultant with board members and key management personnel to develop the organisation’s strategic plan. The number of workshops will vary depending on the organisation size, structure and sector. Stakeholders surveys and interviews will also be carried out in engagements where stakeholder input is required as part of the development of the strategic plan.

Workshop Process:

Strategy Framework 

  • Explanation of the strategy process and introduction to the strategic plan template.
  • Mission and Vision Statements and Core Values of the organisation.
  • SWOT and PEST Analysis.
  • Set the overarching strategic Goals for the organisation.

Strategic Objectives and Control

  • Set out the governance structure for the duration of the plan.
  • Define and align strategic objectives to goals.
  • Set target outcomes for objectives, monitoring controls, financial assumptions and assign task ownership.
  • Review financial projections and revise plan assumptions as necessary.
  • Identify key risks to the delivery of the plan and agree mitigating actions.

Review, Timelines and Finalise Plan Implementation 

  • Review draft strategic plan.
  • Revise plan implementation schedule and task ownership as necessary.
  • Finalise and agree 3-year or 5-year set of financial projections.

Between workshop sessions, our team will write up the draft strategic plan. Following the final workshop and upon deliberation by the board, provision is made to allow for adjustments to feed into the final plan / report.


Our consultants are certified management consultants and have over 25 years’ experience in strategic planning, working across a broad spectrum of sectors, including the public, voluntary, financial services and private sectors.

Time: 4-6 weeks (preparation, up to 4 half day working sessions, write up report). Shorter timelines can be facilitated.

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