Section 38 Agencies

Strategic Governance Review

  • For larger organisations with multiple operating divisions
  • Gap analysis
  • Preparation of Governance Development Programme
  • Advisory and/or training support with particular elements

Board Effectiveness Review / Performance Evaluation

  • Review of Governance Manual against best practice
  • Effectiveness of Key Relationships
  • Impact of Board documentation and processes
  • Areas for improvement

Board and Committee Training

  • Introductory or Refresher Governance Session
  • Training for specific committees e.g. Audit / Risk Committee
  • Effective Chairing
  • Finance for non-finance Board Members

Governance Manual Preparation and Implementation

  • Preparation and/or proofing of all governance materials and documentation
  • Facilitation of training workshops on effective implementation

Strategy Development

  • Project planning, SWOT and PEST analysis, Stakeholder Engagement
  • Facilitation of Board Workshops
  • Drafting and Presentation of Strategy Document
  • Facilitation of Annual Strategic Review

Board Competency Development

  • Analysis of Board Competency Requirements
  • Gap analysis relative to existing strengths

Board Development Plan covering recruitment and training