Health in the Community

We offer our clients a bespoke service, jointly designed and specifically addressing their individual needs.  The following is an illustrative listing of services which are in popular demand among our Public Sector Clients:-

  • Diagnostic Consultation with Chair and CEO. On our reading of primary documentation and discussion with organisation leadership, we will provide an initial diagnosis of needs and how they might best be addressed.
  • On-line Self-Assessment Survey. This is a user-friendly on-line questionnaire which can be administered to the Board to establish overall effectiveness as well as level of compliance with Governance Code provisions. It also invites pro-active engagement with possible improvements. The resulting Report is presented to the Board in an inter-active session designed to stimulate Board discussion and follow-up action.
  • Governance Stewardship. As accredited governance and compliance assessors, we can provide expert guidance, support and evaluation. Specific offerings include Board Evaluation, Governance Review and SWiFT 3000 accreditation.
  • Risk Management and Compliance. We can help to design and improve Business Risk and Compliance Framework, including Risk Identification, Assessment and Treatment and develop Compliance Programmes and Processes.

Related Services.  We offer a range of related services in the areas of Internal Audit Planning, Business Continuity Planning, Succession Planning and Strategy Development.