Governance Review Service

Increasingly, boards of progressive enterprises, state bodies and not-for-profits are grounding their organisations upon solid foundations of good governance practices to foster the confidence of their key stakeholders. In recent years, these organisations have seen problems befallen so many once-proud and respected boards due to poor governance and resolve to avoid that fate. These enlightened organisations see the value in adopting corporate governance best practices to enhance their personal and corporate reputation with customers, employees, creditors, lenders, regulators, legislators and their community. If you are in a board leadership position and believe that a reputation for good governance will lead to improved performance and wish to leverage that value, please call us at Governance Ireland.


Governance Reviews 

Governance Ireland can help you define corporate governance best practice for an organisation of your specific stage of development. We can assess how well your board complies with such standards. We can identify improvements and help your board implement them.

  • Governance Assessments
  • Strategic Planning
  • Risk & Compliance Framework
  • Board Performance Evaluations
  • Director Induction Programmes
  • Board Committee Terms of Reference