Compliance Services

Successful compliance management leads to enhanced and protected business value. The key to achieving it is in fostering a regulatory risk-aware culture that permeates all levels of your organisation.
Governance Ireland’s compliance management solutions are designed to manage a broad range of compliance processes, delivering greater accountability throughout your team. With our help, your compliance professionals can better understand and evaluate regulatory risk, monitor and track regulatory change and demonstrate all aspects of the process.

We will

      • Define compliance requirements and responsibilities for the company, board, compliance officer and staff
      • Provide a comprehensive review of existing compliance procedures and policies within the company
      • Prepare written and appropriate policy, procedures and operational compliance manuals;
      • Prepare a compliance plan for approval by the board
      • Supply a compliance programme/framework for effective monitoring of compliance issues
      • Provide implementation advice for the company’s compliance function with appropriate structures, responsibilities, reporting lines and authority levels
      • Provide initial and annual training for the board and staff
      • Assist with the authorisation of the company’s services and/or authorisation of new products
      • Advise the board and the compliance officer of new regulatory requirements and developments
      • Assist the board on recruiting appropriate resources for the firm’s compliance function


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