Board Effectiveness Review Services

In order to ensure that the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors are effectively performed, it is recommended that the organization should conduct board evaluation on a regular basis. There are various evaluation approaches and each board should apply a process that best meets its needs. Beyond the traditional use of questionnaires (self and peer rating techniques), organisations may develop metrics for performance (inputs and outcomes) or commission an independent review that includes detailed interviews of directors and senior management. In addition, it is now common practice to evaluate the effectiveness of individual board members. It is also useful to consider whether those sitting on the board have the skills and expertise appropriate to the organisation.

Effectiveness of the Chair

This entails providing the Chair with feedback from the rest of the board about chair’s perceived areas of strength and development needs in the areas considered critical for the office of chair of the board. The Report will advise the Chair on a range of topics including: Working with management; Stakeholder relations; Managing the board; Developing a more effective board; Liaison with other key parties

Effectiveness of the Board as a whole

We will compile a comprehensive report for the board from structured interviews with each director. Such interviews will entail the director elaborating on his/her responses to a questionnaire distributed to the board earlier. The questionnaire will cover a wide range of topics and seek to rate the board’s performance under key headings.

Effectiveness of Individual Directors

We will provide a report on each director for the chairman to enable him/her conduct feedback discussion with the director. The report is complied from information provided by every director about each director.